What's Included

  • 7 modules of video training with reflection questions to help you learn the content

  • Access to a course discussion board to interact with others going through the course.

  • Satisfies Prerequisite for Track 1 THRIVE Training: Positive Identity

Course Curriculum

    1. Basic Overview

    2. THRIVE Training Experience

    3. Relational Circuits

    4. Relational Circuit Exercises

    5. The Joy Switch and Relational Circuits

    6. Immanuel

    7. Feeling Appreciation

    8. Five to THRIVE

    1. What is Joy?

    2. Why Seek Joy?

    3. Attachment and a Place to Belong

    4. The Joy Center

    5. Brain Growth

    6. Use It or Lose It

    7. Best Ways to Build Joy

    8. Building Joy for a Lifetime with Bonds

    1. Why We Need Quiet

    2. Principle of Giving and Receiving Life

    3. Good, Bad, or Scary?

    4. Level Two Failure

    5. Rhythm of Joy and Quiet

    6. Quiet: The Low Energy Reset

    1. Amplifying Joy

    2. Too Much Joy

    3. Mutual Mindstate

    4. Joy Smiles

    5. Level Three Skills

    6. Joy Strength and Handling Trauma

    7. Returning to Joy

    8. Returning to Joy with God

    1. Introduction to Maturity

    2. Maturity Stages

    3. The Damage of Immaturity

    4. Growing in Maturity

    5. Regulating Emotions and Capacity

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  • 47 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content

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