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Enemy mode is a brain state which explains why we stop listening, talking or caring about others -- why we raise our voices, blame, unfriend, post nasty remarks, see others as against us, fall out of love, or despise a politician, race or religious group. Hear practical solutions for this problem affecting our families, workplaces, and communities.

Discover how to escape enemy mode and foster greater health and peace in your relationships.

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What's Included

  • 4 teaching sessions

  • One exercise or demonstration at the end of each session to help you implement what you are learning

  • Access to group chat

  • A packet of slides and notes to help you follow along

Course Breakdown

  • Session 1

    Recognizing Enemy Mode in Myself
    Consistent escapes from enemy mode develop from learning to recognize our own enemy mode. This session provides tools to become more aware of enemy mode in ourselves and others and includes small group discussion.

  • Session 2

    Preparing to Escape Enemy Mode
    Escaping enemy mode requires preparation, and we prepare by building some new “whole brain” habits. This session discusses what it looks like to prepare, including stories and examples to get started. This session includes modeling and a role play to demonstrate what preparation looks like in real-time.

  • Session 3

    Escaping Enemy Mode
    We can’t escape without preparation, and we won’t escape without joyful attachments to people who are willing to help us. In this session we learn how having joyful identities and strong attachments are central to our escape from enemy mode. We’ll close with an exercise and group discussion.

  • Session 4

    Helping Others Who are Stuck
    People can be stuck in enemy mode operation without knowing it. That was some of us also. We help other people get unstuck by teaching them what worked for us. In this session we troubleshoot how to get unstuck, take a beginning look at how to help others, and have a short time for Q & A.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Course Handouts

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  • 2

    Session 1: Recognizing Enemy Mode in Myself

    • Session 1

  • 3

    Session 2: Preparing to Escape Enemy Mode

    • Session 2

  • 4

    Session 3: Escaping Enemy Mode

    • Session 3

  • 5

    Session 4: Helping Others Who are Stuck

    • Session 4

Escaping Enemy Mode

This book is for all who desire to be better equipped to face the barrage of daily relational stressors that come at them. It's for all who long for more harmonious relationships at home, in the workplace, and in their communities.

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